Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Guide

We are happy to assist our members coordinate a Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Below are some recommendations for a successful event.

What you can do:

  • Pick a Date:Ideally, scheduling your Ribbon Cutting at least one month out.  Contact us with date options so that we can confirm representation from the Board of Directors.
  • Pick a Time:We recommend Monday thru Thursday, either at lunchtime (between 12pm and 2pm) or in the evening (between 5pm-7pm). We find that people typically stay at these events for no more than an hour. If you’d like your event to be more of an Open House feel, with people coming and going, we ask that you specify a time designated to the Ribbon Cutting portion of the day.
  • Invites:Choose the demographic of people you’d like to invite (friends, family, the public, employees from other locations of your company etc.)
  • Marketing/Promotion:We will send out an invitation to members and post on social media.  We recommend posting the event to any social media pages that you have and on your LinkedIn pages to create awareness in your networks.
  • Media: Prepare a few talking points in advance to promote your organization.  Share them with us to include in the press release that we will send to local papers.
  • Refreshments:We recommend providing food/snacks & refreshments at the event

What we will do:

  • Supplies:We will bring red ribbon and ceremonial scissors for you to cut the ribbon.
  • Coordinating with Town Officials:We will invite the Town Officials to your event, however, we are unable to confirm representation.
  • Invitations:An invitation will be sent to all Board members and Chamber members.  The event will also be posted on social media.
  • Photography:We will take a few pictures of the crowd and the ribbon being cut for our post-event promotional purposes. If you’d like more in-depth photo coverage, we can suggest a photographer for you to use.
  • Marketing & Promotion:
    • Pre-Event:We will post your event on our website calendar. If time allows, we will also include a link to the event our newsletter.
    • Post-Event:A brief write-up and picture will be posted in our Newsletter and on social media accounts. We will also send the information to local papers.